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Closed Joint Stock Company “Energomash (Chekhov)-CHZEM” is the largest supplier of high pressure pipeline valves. JSC “Energomash (Chekhov)-CHZEM” has a long-term experience of pipeline valves combined with state-of-the-art equipment, technology and highly skilled specialists.

JSC “Energomash (Chekhov)-CHZEM” develops and manufactures pipeline valves for working mediums “steam-water” for power engineering, including nuclear, oil-and-gas, chemical and other branches of industry, comprising nominal bores from 6 to 800 mm, working medium pressure to 40 MPa and temperature to 650°С.

Key Activities of JSC “Energomash (Chekhov)-CHZEM”:

• Design and manufacturing of pipeline valves and spare parts:

- Stop Valves;

- Control Valves;

- Pressure-Relief Valves;

- Protecting Valves.

• Design and manufacturing of other mechanical-engineering products.

• Realization of research-and-development activity and its integration.

• Manufacturing of blank parts by means of electroslag remelting process.

• Rendering services on maintenance and repair of JSC “Energomash (Chekhov)-CHZEM”.

• Carrying out of certification tests and other types of tests of pipeline valves.

JSC “Energomash (Chekhov)-CHZEM” has all necessary licenses for manufacturing and application of pipeline valves, as well as Certificates of Conformity of Company’s Quality Management System complying with ISO 2001:2008 requirements.

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